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London Architecture & Design: A fresh approach for every project



With a passion for creating inspiring and ambitious projects in London, A+ BOX Studio’s team of Architects, Project Managers and Contractors have over 30+ years’ experience delivering all-embracing solutions for planning, architectural design and construction.


Having provided our expert designs and architectural services to homeowners, developers, household names and famous personalities, we love nothing more than helping people build their dream homes.


Whether you’re looking to grow your emergent property portfolio or finalise a design for the home you’ve always longed for, we can collaborate with you to plan, design and deliver beautifully crafted spaces, identities and places. 




How WE Can

Help You

Whether you’re just starting your journey to creating your dream home or are looking to move along the path to profitability, we’re confident we can help you fulfill your goals – no matter how ambitious, challenging or complex they may be.


We’ve developed longstanding, fruitful relationships with a diverse mix of individuals operating in the real estate and property development sectors, and below are just a few ways we can help. ​

  • If you’re keen to invest in the property market and are looking for an opportunity that can make a healthy profit, our knowledgeable team can cover all bases, including planning, architectural design and construction. 

  • Are you an ambitious homeowner looking to explore the property development options available to you, improving your quality of living as a result? Our dependable, proactive and professional team will work closely with you to bring your idea to life.

  • Having helped many individuals and organisations that own land or buildings, we can guide you through the stages of property development, unlocking your full potential. We are also best placed to team up with you on a joint venture basis, shaping a successful future together. 

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